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  Hi everyone!

 My goal for this site is to not only talk about travel but to dive into the topic of culture, international relations, language learning, and so much more! Until then it's filled with my photography and travel advice/stories. I've always had a way to document my experiences, and recording my memories and emotions has always been important for me. My love for photography and writing followed me through high school, university, and beyond. With a wider world view and a better understanding of different cultures, i'm trying to share what I know with others.


Localist not a Tourist: What exactly does this mean? It's finding the places where the locals hang out, where they like to eat and drink, and where they spend their free time. Being a tourist can be fun but sometimes you want to blend in and taste the authenticity of a new place. Thank you for your interest in my website, I hope you'll join the journey!



Ashley Nicole Weimar 
The Localist Abroad
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