How-To Book a Bus to Abruzzo

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

So you're traveling to Abruzzo and want to do it in a way that will allow you to see the beautiful countryside, get an understanding of Italian culture, and for a really good price....but you don't know how to read Italian? You're in the right place. Dicarlobus can take you from the Fiumicino Airport or Stazione Tiburtina in Rome to the following cities: Pescara, Vasto, Vasto San Salvo, Montenero, Lanciano, Val Di Sangro, and L'aquila.

View from the bus!

How to book a bus with dicarlobus:

  1. From the website linked above click on "servizi" ONLY IF YOU WANT TO SEE ALL YOUR OPTIONS OTHERWISE SKIP TO STEP 5!!!

  2. You will choose your destination from a list: Roma, Fiumicino, Ciampino, L'aquila, Bologna, or Pescara (Click Roma or Fiumicino - assuming that you'll arrive to Abruzzo from either of these locations).

  3. The second image should say "Partenza da Roma......per la tua citta" the arrows point to the city of arrival

  4. This is really just to see in a list when the times of departure (Partenze) are and how often the busses run (Frequenza)

  5. Back on the homepage you can click on "Orari" to see available tickets. Enter your "citta di partenza" or departure city...the destination city (Pescara? Vasto San Salvo?) and then choose a date and click "CERCA"

  6. In order this page lists: Ora e Luogo Partenza (the departure time + location), Durata (duration), Ora e Luogo Arrivo (the arrival time + Location), Andata (The price for one-way), and A/R (the price for roundtrip).

  7. Click "Acquista Online"

  8. Enter in your information (From, To, Departure Date, Return Date, # of Passengers) for example:

9. Click "CERCA

10. When you see a departure time that is right for you like "Aggiungi"

11. Do the same for your return ticket and click "Aggiungi"

12. When you're ready to purchase under the price you will see "Procedi Con L'aquisto" click that.

13. You may need to create an account click "Registrati" and enter the necessary information.

14. Once you are logged in and go back to youre "Carello" (Cart) Click "Aquista"

15. You will be redirected to a page called "Payway" and then enter in your credit card information. Keep clicking "Continua"

16. You should receive an email confirmation along with an attachment to print your tickets!

*If you struggle with this but would really like to book through Dicarlobus please feel free to contact me at the bottom of the homepage*

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