Insider Tips from Brussels!

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Brussels was one of those trips where I took a leap of faith. I really didn't know much about Belgium or it's capital city and I'll be honest - I chose the cheapest location to travel to from London! I was kind of playing a travel roulette with myself. I was going to be visiting my relatives in Abruzzo, Italy and then my best friends in London! A former teacher that I worked with was teaching English in Spain at the time and I planned to meet up with her in Brussels!

I booked a train from London to Brussels through Eurostar, and then took a flight back to Italy. While in Brussels we occasionally used the public transportation system which was difficult to figure out at first but we got the hang of it! A one way ticket is €2.10. I recommend city mapper as an app to download to help you navigate major cities.

  • Fritland Brussels for the best Belgian French Fries (pommes frites!)

  • Nüetnigeneough was the best restaurant we could have found. It was small and cute and it was packed! We waited for a table for 20-30minutes but it was worth it and we enjoyed a recommended beer at the bar from our bartender. I got the Bravoure, and as a person who loves an amber ale - this was PERFECT. We enjoyed one of their cheese options as a starter and my entree was the Beef Stew or (Carbonnades à la flamande). It was really good and worth the price.

  • Love ciabatta is a cute little sandwich shop!

  • Cafe mok was our spot for breakfast and we loved it. The staff was really friendly and the place had a home-y feel.

  • Cafe capitale was a really nice cafe where we sat to relax and get some work done.

  • Magritte Museum - I wish I had more time in Brussels to see some other museums but I'm so glad I chose this one. This day I was alone and decided to explore on my own. I would highly recommend seeing a museum alone because you can do everything at your own pace. This museum was truly outstanding if you're an art fan or a Magritte fan. The staff was really nice here as well!

  • Parlamentarium - Worth the see. I am really interested in international relations and this gave an inside look at European Parliament and a history of the European government.

  • Grand Place - The main square or market area where you'll find beer tours, alleyways that lead to waffles, and the breathtaking architecture all around you.

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